21st European Conference on Literacy August 2019 Call for papers and registering


Go to the website for more detailed information, sending proposals and registration. August 4th-7th 2019 Copenhagen, Denmark

We are very pleased to invite you to register for The 18th Nordic Literacy Conference & the 21st European Conference on Literacy under the heading of Learning from the Past for the Future: Literacy for All
You can send a proposal for a presentation or you can register without giving a presentation. But please do consider submitting a proposal for a presentation, so that we can share our knowhow and experiences across country borders, whether you are a teacher, a school leader, a librarian, a researcher or just in general interested in literacy.

Important dates

June 15th : Call for contributions
November 1st : Deadline of submission of abstracts
December 1st : Registration opens for all

February 1st-15th : Letter of acceptance of contributions
May 1st : Latest registration of presenters
May 1st : Latest registration for early birds
August 1st : Latest registration for others than presenters
August 4th – 7th : Conference in Copenhagen



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6 Responses to 21st European Conference on Literacy August 2019 Call for papers and registering

  1. alice says:

    I am trying to submit a proposal for an oral presentation at the conference in Copenhagen in August, but am having trouble loading the proposal information. Please help. Thank you.

  2. Grace Reoperez says:

    My friend and I have the same problem. I have been trying to submit (did it several times)a proposal but to no avail. Is there any other way of submitting? Your response will be very much appreciated. Thanks.

  3. Grace Reoperez says:

    Please disregard my concern with the submission. It was finally submitted :). Thanks.

  4. I am from Veracruz, México. I went to Madrid last year with an oral presentation, I would like to participate in Copenhagen on August 2019. I’ve been trying all day long to submit unsuccessfully my abstract.
    Today November 1st is the last day to do it.
    Please help me. Thank you.

  5. Aurora Zenaida Lourdes M. Caro says:

    May I still submit even though it is past the deadline?

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