About the CroRA

The initiative for establishment of the Croatian Reading Association came in 1991 and its founding assembly was held in 1995, while the CroRA was charted as a member organisation of the International Reading Association in 1997. It is a nongovernmental, not-for-profit and voluntary association whose mission is to encourage, research and promote reading and literacy. The CroRA gathers approximately 375 members who are mostly librarians, teachers, university professors, pedagogues, special education teachers, psychologists, writers, publishers, students etc. They all actively work promote CroRA’s goals:

  • to promote and encourage reading and literacy at all levels,
  • to raise awareness about the importance and impact of reading and literacy,
  • to promote and develop optimal level of literacy and reading skills of every individual,
  • to provide an open forum for the exchange of experiences and ideas,
  • to facilitate professional development.

Interesting information of (upcoming/ongoing) projects

  • publication of Association’s magazine Hamster(Hrčak) (issue 51-52, September 2016)
  • book crossing activities in Zadar organized by members of CroRA, students of librarianship from Zadar University and City Library Zadar
  • organizing different activities for the celebration of the International Literacy Day:
    • contest Smile… while reading! for the best photography of a person reading (winning photographs are published on the CroRA’s website, in newsletter and promotional material – bookmarks, brochures etc.) has become very popular since it was organized for the first time in 2009 and the winners are awarded with a selection of books
    • traditionally organizes conference for the International Literacy Day on September 8th for librarians, teachers, paediatricians, preschool teachers, parents and educators to raise awareness about the importance of literacy.
  • CroRA members regularly publishe news and other relevant information in the electronic newsletter
  • participation in the organization of Month of Croatian Book (October 15th – 15th November)
  • CroRA is a partner in the first national campaign for reading promotion “Read to me!”
  • Regular monthly newsletters followed by a calendar that contains different anniversaries for famous writers, poets and books, dates of various happenings, book promotions and activities etc.

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