Czech Republic

Czech Reading Association Společnost pro podporu a rozvíjení čtenářství (abbr. as CzechRA)
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The Czech Reading Association was chartered as a member organisation of the IRA in 2003
and has 25 members and several regular collaborators.
The membership comprises university research specialists and lecturers, school teachers at all levels, students, parents, librarians and professional psychologists.
CzechRA goals are to develop and support reading in the Czech Republic, and to promote cooperation between universities and colleges training teachers, education specialists and other consultants in the field of reading.

Since 2009, CzechRA members have been involved with the research project „Analytical-synthetic and genetic methods of teaching reading“, funded by the CR Grant Agency. The study has been working with six hundred 6-7 yr olds in primary schools throughout the country and was completed in September. Project outcomes have, to date, included two lectures and a book is being compiled.

Recent event:
The international conference „The development of the reading literacy competencies in inclusive education“ was jointly organized by the CzechRA and the Faculty of Education, Charles University, and was held in Prague on 3-4 November 2011.

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