The Reading Association of Macedonia, MaRA was chartered as a member organization of the International Reading Association on November 18th, 2005. Affiliation No. M1A00 The membership consists of educators and other interested individuals concerned with the improvement of reading, education and literacy.

The goals are:

  • promoting membership in MaRA and IRA activities;
  • to encourage the study of reading problems;
  • to stimulate and promote research in reading;
  • to study the various factors that influence progress in reading;
  • to publish the results of relevant and significant investigations and practices;
  • to assist in the development of teacher-training programs;
  • to promote mutual understanding and cooperation among educators in elementary school, middle school, high school, special literacy content areas and leadership positions.
1st National Conference Presentations

Thank you Letter to Rector Nikolovski, at the FON University, Skopje 2010

Reading Competence and Personality Characteristics Skopje Jan 2010 Renate Valtin

Gorica Micovska, Macedonia Feedback basis for improving learning

Vesna Janevski, Macedonia Literacy a challenge for the adult education

Ulla- Britt Persson, Sweden Recent Literacy Research in Sweden – Some Examples

School where kiteracy thrives Nataly Smetanikova, Rusia.pdf

Let’s get wordwise on English neologisms Marie Ernestova, The Czech Republic

Key features of English primary schools where literacy thrives, Skopje Seminar Jan 2010 2 Henrietta Dombey, UK

Blogs and Wikis in the classroom, Jeroen Clemens The Netherlands

School where literacy thrives, Rusia.pdf Nataly Smetannikova

GBrooks UK Skopje Presentation Producing the European adult learning glossary

2010 MaRA Selecting Books for ELLs Terrel Young, USA

Media Literacy- Concept for the Education of the 21st Century Vesna Nikodinoska Marko Trosanoski Macedonia

RaphaelPresentation.LC.Final Taffy Raphael, USA Effective Coaching in Whole- School Literacy Reform in Urban US Schools

Web site & Logo: 

Ongoing Projects: 2011/2012

ECO Schools; Digital Literacy; Media literacy; Entrepreneurial Skills;

Using Information and Communication Technology effectively in the classroom;

WEB 2.0 tools to enhance learning


Upcoming projects: 2012/ 2013

Applying the Standards of Assessment in both Primary and Secondary education;

Two conferences and seminars


Anica Petkoska CV President  and Contact person:

Address: ul.145 br.23b 1230 Gostivar, Macedonia

Mob Phones: +38970707024  ; +38977935854

skype: anica.petkoska

facebook: anicapetkoska




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