Invitation 3rd Baltic Sea – 17th Nordic Literacy Conference

01_Turku_Åbo_SelinInvitation to the InvitationBalticNordicConf_Aug2016 (PDF)
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14−16 August 2016 − Turku/Åbo, Finland
Making meaning − literacy in action

Important dates

  • August 2015 Call for papers See the web for details in English
  • December 1st, 2015 Deadline for submitting abstracts на русском
  • February 2016 Notification to presenters på skandinaviska språk
  • March 2016 Registration to be included in the programme suomeksi
  • April 2016 Early bird registration

welcome добро пожаловать välkommen tervetuloa

email: 3rdbalticsea[at]

Organised by FinRA, in collaboration with Nordic and Baltic Sea Literacy associations
networking with ILA, IDEC, FELA, ELINET
supported by the City of Turku/Åbo

IDEC in Reading Today

In Reading Today, July/August 2014, we find IDEC members figuring prominently on the Award pages. Thanks to Pehr-Olof to point this out to us.

Reading Today July/August 2014 Volume 32, Number 1 Now available online!

Ulla Britt Persson received a IRA Mayann Manning Outstanding Volunteer Service Award (p.29) And Renate Valtin and Meeli Pandis are mentioned on the 2014 International Awards as members of the IDCC.

readingtodayUllaBrittIDCCReading Today

The Biblioburro, an innovative way of teaching reading

In many parts of the world children cannot go to school, because they are to far away from any school. Louis Soriano came up with a very interesting solution, the Biblioburro.
The Biblioburro is a traveling library that distributes books to patrons from the backs of two donkeys, Alfa and Beto. The program was created in La Gloria, Colombia, by Luis Soriano.The biblioburro operates within the central municipalities of the Department of Magdalena, on Colombia’s Caribbean shore. Look at this video and enjoy.
I use the picture of the Biblioburro as a background of this site to remind us that most of us are blessed and many other people have severe problems if it comes to education and also that there are many people who come up with amazing solutions.


Zero to Hero 30-Day Challenge

Dear friends. A very happy new year for all the IDEC and FELA friends and all the other visiters of the IDEC website.
We discussed the use of new media frequently. In the Januari Leadership meeting we will discuss this further. To get a head start I suggest to go to the Daily Post from and Get ready: starting January 2nd, it’s time for the Zero to Hero 30-Day Challenge. It’s a very American way of working, but I think it helps some of you to get started.
Tomorrow’s January 1st, and for a lot of us that means it’s resolution time. Whether you’ve resolved to start that blog you’ve been thinking about, plan to return to a tumbleweed-strewn site you started long ago, or are committed to giving your current blog a a little more love, we want to help you get there. . Created by a team of top blogging experts (i.e., us) based on years of highly scientific-like research (i.e., writing blogs), we’ve created 30 days of digestible blogging assignments that will get you from “What’s this blog thing?” to a blog that you’re excited to publish — and, hopefully, that others are excited to read. If you’re a new blogger it’ll give you a serious jump-start, but we’ve built it to give seasoned bloggers a boost, too”. IDEC FELA Let’s Curate Knowledge

ScoopIt is a tool to share knowledge. It looks great and it’s easy to share new information.

For FELA and IDEC it’s a new way to collaborate. I started a ScoopIt for FELA / IDEC.

Go to the FELA / IDEC ScoopIt  and suggest interesting information to add. It’s easy to use.

We can work together to improve our knowledge. Start now !

Share and Collaborate: Scoop.It!

A great way to share, to collaborate and to produce new knowledge together is to curate information in e.g. a Scoop.It!

I made two Scoop.It! s, interesting for IDEC and FELA members and followers.

Go and look at these Scoop.It! s, suggest news to add and look for other interesting topics on Scoop.It!