Invitation 3rd Baltic Sea – 17th Nordic Literacy Conference

view-along-the-riverInvitation to the
3rd Baltic Sea – 17th Nordic Literacy Conference
Look for updates on the web!
email: 3rdbalticsea[at]
welcome добро пожаловать välkommen tervetuloa

14−16 August 2016 − Turku/Åbo, Finland
Making meaning − literacy in action

      • * August 2015 Call for Papers 
      • * December 1st, 2015 Deadline for submitting abstracts
      • * February 2016 Notification to presenters
      • * March 2016 Registration to be included in the programme
      • * April 2016 Early bird registration

Organised by FinRA, in collaboration with Nordic and Baltic Sea Literacy associations
networking with ILA, IDEC, FELA, ELINET
supported by the City of Turku/Åbo

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5 Responses to Invitation 3rd Baltic Sea – 17th Nordic Literacy Conference

  1. Chris says:

    Please can you tell me if the conference will be in English? Because I am from New Zealand, it is necessary that I understand all aspects of the conference. And i am English speaking only.
    Thank you for your reply

  2. Hilary Pollack says:

    I would be very interested in being a part of your conference in Finland next year. I am researching and writing a paper entitled “Using Children’s Literature to Integrate Principles of Sustainability in the Elementary School Curriculum,” and I think that it would fit well with the theme of the conference. Please let me know how to submit a proposal for the 2016 conference.

    Thank you very much

    Dr. Hilary Pollack
    Professor of Reading and Teacher Education
    University of Wisconsin-River Falls

  3. Dear Dr Pollack, you are welcome to submit a proposal! Please go to for both the invitation and information on the Call for papers, which is open until 1st December 2015.
    Your subject is interesting. I look forward to your proposal.
    x Dr Ann-Sofie Selin,
    FinRA and Conference Chair

  4. Victoria Risko, former president of international literacy association says:

    I would like information about the Baltic literacy conference

  5. Dear Vicky, I’m sorry I have not been aware of your request. I’ll write to you from straight away!

    This is the official Contact address. You are most welcome!
    Best Ann-Sofie

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