The Power of Water

A few days ago, I was invited to visit Pohnpei, Micronesia through pictures. I was truly masmerized by my friend’s description of a photo of her standing at the blow holes at Tonga and the power of the sea.

As a a life- long learner myself, non- native speaker of English, an EFL teacher, someone whose kids made snow tunnels this February, I felt a need to experience and google  concepts like lazy sting rays, puffer fish, coral reef, lagoon, snorkling and blow holes.

Since, I am in hospital now and have plenty of time, I continued my “visit” and listened to the concerns of the local people for the future of the islands in Micronesia.The cute, five or six- year old children  joyfully crossing the shallow water of the street, may have to permanently leave  their homes and islands, because they are being covered … Continue reading

Guus Kuijer wins Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award 2012

On the 20th of March 2012  this year’s winner of the ALMA Prize (the Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award) was announced.
It goes to the Dutch author Guus Kuijer.
He is not very well known worldwide but his books are very popular in The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany and some of them have been filmed as well. His books are translated to a few languages (I read in the newspaper that nine of his books are translated into Swedish), but I guess that the award will make him more famous.
ALMA is the largest money prize given to authors of books for children and youth (5 million Swedish Crowns, over half a million Euros).

Well done! More and more associations online

Well done! We’re getting there.

Since Vienna and the start of our new website 16 associations were able to get information on their pages.
Austria; Belgium ( French); Croatia; Czech Republic; Estonia; Finland; Germany; Greece; Hungary; Ireland; Macedonia; Netherlands; Norway; Romania; Slovenia; Spain.

So it’s fun and it’s easy. Please look at the pages of your friends. Maybe you will be inspired to add your own page ( if you don’t have one) or add more information or pictures on your page.

If you need help please ask me of one of the other IDEC colleagues.