Contemporary literacy

As a comment to the excellent talk of Gunther Kress this afternoon,  I will draw your attention to a new study at the university of Stavanger:

Literacy studies – master

Is the book an endangered species? Are sms-messages destroying the English language? What were medieval books like? How do children learn to read and write? Who was Shakespeare and does it matter? What does reading do to our minds?

And another study at the National centre for reading educaton and reserearch (Lesesenteret):  Digital reading
How can one teach students who hide behind their PCs and switch between Word, Facebook, Wikipedia and Twitter? An ordinary day for teachers has been completely transformed during the last … Continue reading

Welcome to the new IDEC website

Welcome to the new IDEC-website, version 2012 !

On this site you can find general information concerning the activities of the International Development in Europe Committee (IDEC) of the International Reading Association.
Since 1979 the IDEC has brought together representatives of the national reading associations in Europe. These National Associations have become or are in the process of becoming affiliated to the International Reading Association. At this moment we have over 30 members in IDEC.

The new site is much more interactive. We have changed the website from a Joomla 1.0 website into a WordPress 2.0 website.
You will find pages with general information, but also running posts, which will keep you up to date on … Continue reading

16th Nordic Reading Conference 2012

Íslenska lestrarfélagið
Invites you to the 16th Nordic Reading Conference 13–14 June 2012 in Reykjavik 
”Motivation, creativity, more reading”

Important dates
15 January 2012  Deadline for submitting abstracts
28 February 2012 Notification to presenters Please register by 30 March to be included in the programme
30 April 2012 Conference fee 75 €
1 May 2012 Conference fee 90 €

Pay to:
Bank: The National Bank of Iceland Austurstræti 11, 101 Reykjavik
IBAN: IS27 0101 38 711442 4212993079 SWIFT: NBIIISRE

Abstract and professional:
Registration and information:
Registration form:

• How to motivate ?
• Boys and girls, different needs?
• Our roles, parents and school
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18th European Conference on Reading 2013

SCIRA invites you to the 18th European Conference on Reading
in Jönköping, Sweden, 6-9 August 2013

More information on the website

The conference is arranged by the SCIRA (Swedish Council of International Reading Association) in cooperation with School of Education and Communication, Jönköping University, IDEC (International Reading Association’s International Development in Europe Committee) and FELA (Federation of European Literacy Associations)

The conference venue is School of Education and Communication, Jönköping University in Jönköping, Sweden.

The main conference language is English. It is possible to present in any other european language. There will be a Scandinavian language strand.

This website will shortly be updated with more information on the conference, such … Continue reading