About us

About us

Who we are

The Federation of European Literacy Associations (FELA) is a network of 28 literacy associations. There are no individual members in FELA however it is rich in the diversity of its member associations and brings together a range experiences, languages, scripts, traditions and activities.

Our primary task is to reach people from across Europe, people who have a common interest in literacy. We do this through a Federation of associations devoted to literacy promotion at every level in education.

FELA members are committed to, and passionate about, literacy in all its guises. Member associations and organisations support best practice in literacy teaching, learning and research. The delegates from member associations provide a conduit to a vibrant, active and dedicated learning community.

What we do

We organise and advocate for our mission through our meetings, conferences, seminars, webinars, exchange programme, support for research and publications, so that best practice and great ideas can spread. In this way the goal of universal literacy in Europe can be achieved.


FELA’s governing body is the General Assembly. Day-to-day management is entrusted to the Executive Committee, which comprises four elected officers: Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer.
The current office holders are:

  • Chairperson: Máirín Wilson (Ireland)
  • Vice chairperson: Tiziana Mascia (Italy)
  • Treasurer: Ann-Sofie Selin (Finland)                
  • Secretary: Veronika Rot Gabrovec (Slovenia)

Business ID number 3083392-7 (Finland)

For full details, see the FELA Statutes
For original Statutes in Swedish.  


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