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FELA, the Federation of European Literacy Associations, welcomes applications for Full and Associate Membership.
For a list of current members click here.

Membership of FELA is open to any organisation which is concerned with or interested in literacy and has legal personality and legal capacity and whose objectives are compatible with those of the Federation – our objectives can be seen in our Statutes here. The main target group of the Federation is Europe-based organisations, but relevant organisations beyond Europe may join. Full membership is open to national literacy/reading associations in or near Europe which have legal personality and legal capacity.

Associate membership is open, but not restricted, to the following categories of organisation which have legal personality and legal capacity:

  • Ministries and governmental agencies (GOV)
  • Regional educational authorities and agencies (REG)
  • Research institutions and universities (RES)
  • Relevant NGOs (NGO)
  • International institutes and agencies (INT)
  • European and national networks (NET)
  • Relevant international associations and networks (INET) and relevant organisations outside Europe (NE)

Membership is institutional, not individual.

How would your organisation benefit from FELA membership?

Organisations apply for membership in writing. The application procedure is simple, and can be seen here.


Since 1979  the national reading associations in Europe, which are affiliated to the International Reading Association (now International Literacy Association) have acted together as IDEC. These Associations cover the continent from Finland to Portugal, from Iceland to Greece.
In 2008 these associations formed FELA. The pages of FELA’s current member associations can be reached via the name of the country below. Each Member Association is responsible for the information linked to this page.


List of members

Austria Österreich  Finland Suomi / Finland / Suopma Latvia Latvija Russia Росси́я
Belgium BelgiëBelgique /Belgien
BelFRA French; FlaRA Vlaams
Germany Deutschland Lithuania Lietuva Slovenia Slovenija  
Bralno društvo Slovenije;
Društvo Bralna značka Slovenije – ZPMS  
Bulgaria България
Greece Ελλάδα North Macedonia Република Северна Македонија Slovak Republic Slovensko
Croatia Hrvatska Hungary Magyarország Netherlands Nederland Switzerland  Svizzera/Schweiz / Suisse 
Czech Republic Česká republika Iceland Ísland  Poland Polska Spain España
Denmark Danmark Ireland Éire Portugal República Portuguesa Sweden  Sverige
Estonia Eesti Italy Italia Romania România United Kingdom


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