Well done! More and more associations online

Well done! We’re getting there.

Since Vienna and the start of our new website 16 associations were able to get information on their pages.
Austria; Belgium ( French); Croatia; Czech Republic; Estonia; Finland; Germany; Greece; Hungary; Ireland; Macedonia; Netherlands; Norway; Romania; Slovenia; Spain.

So it’s fun and it’s easy. Please look at the pages of your friends. Maybe you will be inspired to add your own page ( if you don’t have one) or add more information or pictures on your page.

If you need help please ask me of one of the other IDEC colleagues.


Check the editors list

As I promised I will make your own association page private on the IDEC website. This means that only one representative from the country / Association can add and edit. You cannot change the information on other pages any more. 

I would like to know who will be the editor of your association page. I made a list with associations and editors. You can find this list on IDEC spreadsheet Roles

Request: Check the list, and:  
  • Place a + sign ( PLUS) or an OK in the column at the right to tell me this is OK. He/She will be the editor
  • Put a new name in the right column if you want to change the editor or add one ( from some countries I don’t know who to put there) 
Jeroen C

Welcome to the new IDEC website

Welcome to the new IDEC-website, version 2012 !

On this site you can find general information concerning the activities of the International Development in Europe Committee (IDEC) of the International Reading Association.
Since 1979 the IDEC has brought together representatives of the national reading associations in Europe. These National Associations have become or are in the process of becoming affiliated to the International Reading Association. At this moment we have over 30 members in IDEC.

The new site is much more interactive. We have changed the website from a Joomla 1.0 website into a WordPress 2.0 website.
You will find pages with general information, but also running posts, which will keep you up to date on news from IDEC. We have a Forum we can use to discuss things and you can add your comments to most of the pages and posts. Please be active and tell us what you like and what you would like us to add or change.

This website is under construction and shall be evaluated on the IDEC meeting in Vienna Januari 31 2012.

Jeroen Clemens (Webmaster)