IDEC chairperson  2014- Renate Valtin renate.valtin[at]
Website: Jeroen Clemens jeroencl[at]
Associations: Look at the page of the association for the contact person

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  1. Marina Canapero says:

    Please add me as a new member, thank you!

  2. jeroen says:

    Can you say which email address I can use. The chair will contact you on business matters 😉

  3. Miriam V. Sebastian says:

    Dear Sir,

    I would like to attend the seminar and some of my teacher friends here in the Philippines. I am a former member of the IRA I was not able to renew my membership. Is it possible sir to have an invitation that can be used to apply for a visa here in the Philippines. Thanks and God Bless you, your family and and the association. Hope to here from you soon.

  4. I am a Principal in a post-primary school in Northern Ireland – New-Bridge Integrated College. A school for all the family, where catholic, protestant and other children can be taught together as part of our integrated movement.
    I am desperately trying to source some funding to promote reading in the school as part of our breakfast club and after school club initiative. We need a new library resource centre in the school, ideally one which members of our local community could access as well and have looked at ‘Awards for All’ lottery fund as a possible source for that but not having much luck at present.

    In relation to maximising use of our existing facilities, we would love to invest in 100 KindleFires for our first year students – age 11.12, to help with promoting reading for pleasure. I have made enquiries with Amazon whether they would offer some discount for a bulk order and I am waiting on a reply. The kindle fire for a single purchase is £129, so buying 100 at this price would be a significant amount of money, which the school just wouldnt have. I would be grateful for any advice you could offer on sourcing funding for this project, or even some kind of part funding would help. If you require any more detail on how we propose using the kindles, let me know. Many thanks.

  5. Geralee Wood says:

    Have the notifications of acceptance for presentation proposals been sent? If not, when will they be sent?

  6. Candice says:

    I need to know if you received my submission and when I will be notified if it was accepted. I also need to know my log in and password as I have forgotten them. Thanks

  7. we want to attend the conference howecer we require invitation letters to enable us proceed
    to whom do we forward the names for the letters?


    Dear Jeroen,

    I have submitted a symposium proposal to 18th European Conference on Reading, entitled ” Effective Strategies for Improving Language and Reading Skills for Home Languages or English as a Foreign Language Teaching K-12 “, I have not received any confirmation email or a email showing whether or not the proposal have been accepted. I would be so glad if you let me know at your earliest convenience.


    Kasım Yıldırım

  9. Kezia John says:

    I am running a school in the southern part of India surrounding many villages. This school mainly focus on giving education for all the children in the surrounding villages and help them in learning English to read and write to have a good future and is going well and good now. I would like to attend your conference to help me to have more outlook on this and I am sure it will be really helpful for the development of my school . Please let me know the details.

  10. MICHAEL says:


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