16th Nordic Reading Conference 2012

16th Nordic Reading Conference 2012

Íslenska lestrarfélagið
Invites you to the 16th Nordic Reading Conference 13–14 June 2012 in Reykjavik 
”Motivation, creativity, more reading”

Important dates
15 January 2012  Deadline for submitting abstracts
28 February 2012 Notification to presenters Please register by 30 March to be included in the programme
30 April 2012 Conference fee 75 €
1 May 2012 Conference fee 90 €

Pay to:
Bank: The National Bank of Iceland Austurstræti 11, 101 Reykjavik
IBAN: IS27 0101 38 711442 4212993079 SWIFT: NBIIISRE

Abstract and professional: lestu2012@gmail.com
Registration and information: yourhost@yourhost.is
Registration form:  www.yourhost.is/lestu2012

• How to motivate ?
• Boys and girls, different needs?
• Our roles, parents and school
• Via creativity to increased reading?
• Language comprehension
• Writing and reading
• Reading and writing difficulties
• Free papers

Scandinavian languages and English. The abstract should be in the language of the presentation.

Paper presentations 30 minutes

Professional programme:
Two plenaries and parallel sessions.

Social programme:
Reception and dinner, see website for more information

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