Join INNOVATE13 conference Sao Paulo

Join INNOVATE13 conference Sao Paulo

Take a look at INNOVATE13. Designed to capture the collective learning of Innovate 2013. Grow your ideas here. The physical conference will be held in Sao Paulo, Brazil this month (January 19-21, 2013)  While there will be educators physically traveling to Sao Paulo, you can attend virtually. I will be there and I hope to meet a lot of you too.

Virtual Participants: No travel costs are involved, NO registration fees are required. Make a commitment to

  • mark your calendar to be able to participate. January 19-21, 2013
  • find a dedicated “conference attendance” time. Use that time to read through the Twitter stream/hashtag, Ning activities generated through the conference, resources being shared.
  • ACTIVELY participate versus PASSIVELY consuming information. Contribute resources, your own perspective, thoughts and experience.
  • make strategic connections with physical attendees. Connect with them even beforehand via the Ning, on Twitter or via a blog. Leave a comment, @mention someone in a Tweet, use the conference hashtag to connect your voice to the conversation.
  • Take it from… I always wanted to… and…What an incredible opportunity… to…I can make this happen!… I can experiment with learning in new ways…

Here are some tips/steps to take for the active collaborative connected conference attendee:

  • Make a commitment to attend virtually (add it to your calendar/block a time off)
  • Participate in the conference Backchannel
  • Follow the conference Twitter hashtag (#innovate13)
  • Become a member of the conference Ning
  • Fill out your profile, say hello and introduce yourself, join groups, post valuable resources
  • Join the Twitter List Innovate2013 with Tweeps participating (virtually & physically)
  • Being part of the list will give everyone an idea who will be joining f2f and from afar.
  • Find a Buddy, someone who will be physically at the conference
  • Discuss before hand how your can help each other
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